Samurai no Mon 720ml/1800ml


Samurai no Mon 720ml/1800ml

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[Samurai's Gate]

A reproduction of the sweet potato shochu that Kagoshima samurai would have drunk from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji period

For the koji rice, they use the mythical rice "Shiratamamai," which was cultivated until the Meiji era but production has since ceased. This rice can only be harvested in small quantities and is very expensive. For the sweet potato, they use "Genji potato," which is said to be the roots of modern potatoes.
These ingredients are brewed in traditional earthenware jars.

The aroma of sweet potato is mild yet profound. It has a smooth texture, followed by a rich sweetness and umami flavor. It finishes smoothly with a refined aftertaste.

From the Takubo Sake Brewery official website
Takubo Shuzo Co., Ltd. is not a manufacturer that mass-produces shochu on a factory line.
We continue to stick to the traditional "earthenware jar brewing" method. It is a source of pride for the brewers and other people involved in shochu production, and it is a tradition to finish each step carefully and with love, aiming for quality over mass production.
The many shochu produced in the brewery are characterized by their smooth taste and deep, rich flavor.

Category: Sweet potato shochu
Ingredients: Sweet potato ( Genji potato, golden Senkan ) , rice malt ( shirotama rice )
Koji: Black Koji
Distillation: Atmospheric distillation
Alcohol content: 25 %
Manufacturer: Takubo Shuzo ( Kagoshima Prefecture )

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