Sanjurokuninshu Junmai Ginjo 1800ml

三十六人衆 純米吟醸の全体像
三十六人衆 純米吟醸のラベル
三十六人衆 純米吟醸のラベル左側面
三十六人衆 純米吟醸のラベル右側面
三十六人衆 純米吟醸のサブラベル
三十六人衆 純米吟醸の裏ラベル

Sanjurokuninshu Junmai Ginjo 1800ml

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[Thirty-six people Junmai Ginjo]

Junmai Ginjo sake that is easy to drink and suitable for everyone

A modest but refreshing ginjo fragrance.
It is characterized by a mellow yet refreshing taste.

〇Excerpt fromKikuyu's official website A sake named after the Thirty-Six Men who built the Free City of Sakata, men who lived bravely through the ages.
Since we aim to create a so-called ``living sake'' that can be enjoyed in everyday life, such as evening drinks or other occasions, we do not focus on the aroma alone, but instead create sake that can be safely drunk without losing its flavor even when warmed.
We strive for a dry, crisp, yet deep and expansive flavor.

Thirty-six people Junmai Ginjo taste graph

◆Spec Category: Sake (Junmai Ginjo)
Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic)
Rice used: Miyama Nishiki 100%
Rice polishing ratio: 55%
Alcohol content: 15% Storage method: Cool and dark place Manufacturer: Kikuyu (Yamagata Prefecture)

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