Morita Sashimi Tamari Honjozo 1800ml

醤油 盛田 さしみタマリ 本醸造 全体像
醤油 盛田 さしみタマリ 本醸造 ラベル
醤油 盛田 さしみタマリ 本醸造 左サイド
醤油 盛田 さしみタマリ 本醸造 右サイド
醤油 盛田 さしみタマリ 本醸造 裏ラベル
醤油 盛田 さしみタマリ 本醸造 裏ラベル2

Morita Sashimi Tamari Honjozo 1800ml

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[Morita sashimi tamari Honjozo]

Sashimi mari with a faint and elegant fragrance

“Tamari soy sauce” is mainly made in the three prefectures of the Tokai region, and is made from soybeans as the main ingredient that is slowly aged.
Said to be the origin of soy sauce, soy sauce is characterized by its richness and umami.

Morita's tamari brings out the richness and umami of soybeans unique to tamari, backed by brewing techniques that have been cultivated in Aichi since the Edo period.

* After opening, store in a refrigerator (10°C or less ) or stand upright in a cool place and use as soon as possible.

Category: Seasoning / Tamari Soy Sauce ( Honjozo )
Ingredients: defatted soybeans ( not genetically modified ) , salt, wheat, high-fructose corn syrup, sugar, soybeans ( not genetically modified )/ caramel pigment, seasonings ( amino acids ) , preservatives ( sodium benzoate ) , sweetness food ( licorice )
Size: 1800ml
Manufacturer: Morita
Production area: Aichi Prefecture

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