Seikoudoku 720ml/1800ml

焼酎 晴耕雨讀 全体像
焼酎 晴耕雨讀 ラベル
焼酎 晴耕雨讀 左サイド
焼酎 晴耕雨讀 右サイド
焼酎 晴耕雨讀 裏ラベル
焼酎 晴耕雨讀 上部
焼酎 晴耕雨讀 720ml

Seikoudoku 720ml/1800ml

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[Reading by sunny weather]

Rice shochu is the secret ingredient! Surprisingly mild sweet potato shochu

If you are a fan of sweet potato shochu, I would like to introduce you to Harukou Yomi.
By blending a small amount of rice shochu, this sweet potato shochu is easy to drink with a reduced potato flavor.

When you put it in your mouth, you can feel the sweetness of the sweet potato, while the mellow, soft and light flavor and refreshing aftertaste and finish.
It has a mild taste, so you can enjoy it in any way you like.

From the official site of Sata Soni Shoten
When I entered the world of shochu 20 years ago, it was a time when people thought, ``Shochu is distilled, so anything goes with it.''
I would like to open the door to the world of shochu in the future, where ``shochu is distilled, so the range of alcohol quality is widened''.
I think that the "truth" of that era changes depending on the surrounding environment and the angle from which things are viewed.
It is a door with a slightly long name, "Since shochu is distilled, there is a wide range of sake quality."
Kurodo Representative Muneko Sata

Category: Sweet potato/rice blended shochu
Ingredients: Sweet potato ( Golden Sengan from Kagoshima Prefecture ) , rice malt ( domestic rice ) , rice ( domestic )
Koji: white koji
Alcohol content: 25 degrees
Manufacturer: Sata Soji Shoten ( Kagoshima Prefecture)

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