Sekitoba plum wine 720ml/1800ml

梅酒 赤兎馬 梅酒 全体像
梅酒 赤兎馬 梅酒 ラベル
梅酒 赤兎馬 梅酒 左サイド
梅酒 赤兎馬 梅酒 右サイド
梅酒 赤兎馬 梅酒 裏ラベル
梅酒 赤兎馬 梅酒 上部

Sekitoba plum wine 720ml/1800ml

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[Red rabbit horse Plum wine】

Luxurious plum wine made with popular potato shochu " Akatouma "

This is a plum liqueur made with authentic sweet potato shochu, which is made from Nanko plums from Kagoshima Prefecture and soaked in sweet potato shochu " Akatouma " .

It features the deep richness of potato shochu " Akatouma " and the refreshing acidity derived from the fruity Nanko Ume.
Not too sweet and moderately sour. This plum liqueur has a light and smooth taste, but also has the richness of sweet potato shochu.
Please enjoy the mellow and gentle taste.

Category: Plum wine
Ingredients: authentic shochu ( manufactured in Japan ) , plum, sugar
Alcohol content: 14 degrees
Manufacturer: Hamada Sake Brewery ( Kagoshima Prefecture )

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