Shichiken Alain Ducasse Sustainable Spirits 720ml

七賢(しちけん) アラン・デュカス・サステナブル・スピリッツの全体像
七賢(しちけん) アラン・デュカス・サステナブル・スピリッツのラベル
七賢(しちけん) アラン・デュカス・サステナブル・スピリッツのサブラベル
七賢(しちけん) アラン・デュカス・サステナブル・スピリッツのラベル左側面
七賢(しちけん) アラン・デュカス・サステナブル・スピリッツのラベル右側面
七賢(しちけん) アラン・デュカス・サステナブル・スピリッツの裏ラベル
七賢(しちけん) アラン・デュカス・サステナブル・スピリッツの上部

Shichiken Alain Ducasse Sustainable Spirits 720ml

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[Seven Wise Alain Ducasse Sustainable Spirits]

Sustainable spirits around Hakushu with the scent of sake lees

Shichiken has released its first authentic shochu.
The shochu (spirit) obtained by vacuum distilling the brightly aromatic sake lees of the sparkling sake ``Shichiken Alain Ducasse Sparkling Sake '' is aged in barrels at the Suntory Hakushu Distillery, which also produces whiskey in Hakushu, Yamanashi Prefecture.
A unique distilled spirit in the world was born.

The ginjo aroma derived from ginjo sake, which is a characteristic of Shichiken, emphasizes the coolness and freshness, and the mellowness is created by aging in whiskey barrels.
The overall taste is multi-layered and sublimated into a complex flavor.

Sake lees, a byproduct of the sake manufacturing process, has long been loved as a seasoning for traditional Japanese cuisine, but demand has declined with the changing times.
Under these circumstances, we explored the potential hidden in sake lees and transformed it into shochu using a method that is rare in the world.

Additionally, the sake lees after distillation are reused as feed for Wagyu cattle, the compost is used to grow rice, and the harvested rice is polished for sake brewing.
Yamanashi Meijo aims to create a future brewing that coexists with nature as a sustainable cycle story suitable for the 21st century .

Rather than a shochu with an alcohol content of 37%, it is more like a sake with a high alcohol content.
Recommended on the rocks, with soda, or as a cocktail base.

◆Specification Category: Sake lees Shochu Ingredients: Sake lees (domestic production)
Alcohol content: 37% Manufacturer: Yamanashi Meijo (Yamanashi Prefecture)

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