Shikizakura Hananoen Special Junmai 1800ml

四季桜 はなのえん 特別純米の全体像
四季桜 はなのえん 特別純米のラベル
四季桜 はなのえん 特別純米のラベル左側面
四季桜 はなのえん 特別純米のラベル右側面
四季桜 はなのえん 特別純米のサブラベル

Shikizakura Hananoen Special Junmai 1800ml

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[Four Seasons Cherry Blossoms Hananoen Special Junmai]

Masterpiece sake made by a living national treasure chief brewer

Shikizakura Hananoen Special Junmai is a well-balanced sake with a gentle and gentle ginjo aroma and rich flavor.
When you put it in your mouth, you can feel the sharpness within the soft and pleasant taste.
The calm classic taste is not flashy, but the elegant and classic taste is appealing.

It's the perfect drink for when you want to calm your mind or for a luxurious time spent with your loved ones.

It goes well with a variety of dishes, including Japanese cuisine.
It brings out the original taste of the ingredients and makes your dining table even more gorgeous.

This is an irresistible dish, especially for Junmai sake lovers.
Please enjoy it at a temperature ranging from cold sake to slightly near room temperature.

・Excerpt from Utsunomiya Sake Brewery official website
A heartfelt offering.
Delicious sake, brewed with the spirit of brewers.
Founded in 1871 . We humbly inherit the sake-brewing techniques that our predecessors developed with blood and sweat, and hope that many people will learn about the goodness of sake brewed from rice. We at Utsunomiya Sake Brewery will continue to pursue delicious sake.

Shikizakura Hananoen Special Pure Rice Taste Graph

Category: Sake ( special pure rice sake )
Ingredients: Rice ( domestic ) , Rice malt ( domestic )
Rice used: Gohyakumangoku/Asahi no Yume
Rice polishing ratio: 60 %
Sake level: +3
Alcohol content: 16 %
Storage method: cool and dark place
Manufacturer: Utsunomiya Sake Brewery ( Tochigi Prefecture )

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