Shichida Junmai Unfiltered 720ml/1800ml

日本酒 七田 純米 全体像
日本酒 七田 純米 ラベル
日本酒 七田 純米 左サイド
日本酒 七田 純米 右サイド
日本酒 七田 純米 裏ラベル
日本酒 七田 純米 上部

Shichida Junmai Unfiltered 720ml/1800ml

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[Shichida Junmai Unfiltered

Even alcohol professionals agree, and it's so famous

You can really taste the rice, but it's not too heavy and is very easy to drink. This pure rice sake has just the right amount of acidity, a lingering aftertaste, and a refined, broad flavor.

A pleasant fruity aroma and the delicious flavor of rice.
It has an elegant sweetness with a hint of acidity and a light, crisp finish, and goes down incredibly smoothly. It goes well with a variety of meals.

2023 Kura Master Junmai Sake Gold Award
2022 Kura Master Junmai Sake Gold Award

Excerpt from Tenzan Sake Brewery's official website
・About water
The clear underground water springs from the middle of Mt. Tianshan. The Gion River that flows in front of the brewery is a clear stream that collects water from the Tianshan mountain range and is one of the leading Genji firefly villages in Japan.
The "Shimizu Falls" where this underground water flows has been selected as one of Japan's 100 famous waters, and is an indispensable " treasure water " in the sake brewing of Tenzan Sake Brewery .
This water is medium-hard water that contains no iron and is rich in minerals such as calcium and magnesium, making it ideal for sake brewing.
・About sake rice
Approximately 90 % of the rice used at Tenzan Sake Brewery is locally grown in Saga Prefecture, primarily Yamada Nishiki and Saga no Hana.
We believe that we must be involved in producing good rice, so in 1998 we established the Tenzan Sake Rice Cultivation Research Group with farmers in Saga Prefecture. The group grows Yamada-Nishiki rice under contract, and through study sessions held several times a year, the group improves each other's cultivation techniques, which also helps with traceability, as they work to produce even better sake rice.

Shichida Junmai Unfiltered Sake Taste Graph

Category: Sake ( pure rice sake )
Ingredients: Rice ( domestic ) , rice malt ( domestic )
Rice used: Koji rice ( Yamada Nishiki ) , Kake rice ( Reiho )
Usage ratio: Yamada Nishiki 20 %, Reiho 80 %
Rice polishing ratio: 65 %
Sake Meter Value: +2
Acidity: 1.7
Alcohol content: 17 %
Storage method: Store at low temperature away from direct sunlight.
Manufacturer: Tenzan Shuzo ( Saga Prefecture )

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