Soleil Classic White 720ml/1800ml

白ワイン ソレイユ クラシック 白 全体像
白ワイン ソレイユ クラシック 白 ラベル
白ワイン ソレイユ クラシック 白 左サイド
白ワイン ソレイユ クラシック 白 右サイド
白ワイン ソレイユ クラシック 白 裏ラベル
白ワイン ソレイユ クラシック 白 上部
白ワイン ソレイユ クラシック 白 フルボトル

Soleil Classic White 720ml/1800ml

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[Soleil Classic White]

Koshu wine, a favorite of locals, perfect for drinking at home

It's a little dry, moderately gorgeous, and the flavor of fresh grapes is very nice.
It goes well with Japanese food, so you won't get tired of drinking it.

Suitable drinking temperature 10℃

Excerpt from Kyokuyoshu 1.8 liter wine special page
From the vineyard we create wines in 720ml bottles with the utmost care and imagination. On the other hand, 1.8-liter wine is Yamanashi's culture, so I intend to continue it as long as possible. I hope that those who are attracted to such a background will drink it.
Finally, there are 1.8 liter bottles of wine that use bulk (mass-produced imported wine) or must (imported concentrated fruit juice) to reduce costs, but our wine is made only from grapes grown by local farmers . Tamataki local sake. Please refrain from those who simply want cheap wine in a bottle.

Category: White wine / slightly dry
Varieties used: 100 % Koshu from Yamanashi Prefecture
Size: 1800ml/720ml
Manufacturer: Kyokuyoshu
Production area: Yamanashi City, Yamanashi Prefecture

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