Soleil Voe Rouge 2021 720ml

Soleil Voe Rouge 2021 720ml

Soleil Voe Rouge 2021 720ml

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[Soleil Vu Rouge 2021]

Voeu “Wish” series with earthenware angels containing messages for recovery

1557 pieces produced.

A blend of 4 varieties, mainly Kai Noir, and aged in barrels for 9 months.
Kai Noir's overwhelming personality is softly wrapped in other varieties, resulting in a powerful yet cleanly balanced medium body.

Last year, the ratio of Kai Noir was low due to illness, but this year it is back to its original style.
A powerful scent with bitter and sweet notes mixed with black earth such as conifers, tanned leather, dried plums, and vanilla.

In the mouth, it becomes a liquid with a dense acidity, with a black cherry-like fruit taste, and slowly spreads.
There is little bitterness and the texture is smooth.
At the end, the aromatic flavor of the roasted wood lingers.

It goes well with thick-sliced ​​bacon, fatty game such as wild boar hotpot, dark stews such as sukiyaki, dote-ni, and mutton curry.

Drinking temperature is around 16℃.

*Vousu means "wish" in French. It was named to bring hope to everyone who drinks it, sells it, and makes it.

◆Specification Category: Red wine/medium Variety used: Kai Noir, Merlot, Muscat Bailey A, Syrah Size: 720ml
Manufacturer: Asahi Yoshu Production Area: Ohara Higashi, Yamanashi City, Yamanashi Prefecture

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