Soleil Vous Orange 2022 720ml

ソレイユ ヴー オランジュ 2022の全体像

Soleil Vous Orange 2022 720ml

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[Soleil Vue Orange 2022]

Orange wine from the Voeu “Negai” series, which contains a message for reconstruction in the earthenware angel

Soleil Vu Orange is an orange wine made using Koshu grapes from the Kusakabe and Manriki districts.
After 5 days of brewing with the skins and fermenting until dry, it is stored in old barrels until spring, the dregs are removed, and it is unfiltered.

A transparent pale orange color with gentle scents of yellow rose potpourri, citrus peel, black tea and plum blossoms.
The mouthfeel is round and sweet, while the astringency from the pale purple Koshu peel tightens the whole, leading to clear acidity and apricot-like fruit.

It goes well with meals, and goes well with sesame sauce dishes, cheese dishes, and snacks.
The optimum temperature for drinking is around 12°C, and because it is unfiltered, dregs and tartar will settle out.

*Vu means “wish” in French. Named to bring hope to all those who drink, sell and make.

◆ Specs Category: Orange Wine/Spicy Varieties Used: Koshu Size: 720ml
Producer: Kyokuyoshu Production area: Ohara Higashi, Yamanashi City, Yamanashi Prefecture

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