Sugi Isamu (Sugiisami) special pure rice dry + 10 undiluted sake 1800ml

杉勇 特別純米 辛口+10原酒の全体像
杉勇 特別純米 辛口+10原酒のラベル
杉勇 特別純米 辛口+10原酒のラベル左側面
杉勇 特別純米 辛口+10原酒のラベル右側面
杉勇 特別純米 辛口+10原酒の上部
杉勇 特別純米 辛口+10原酒の裏ラベル

Sugi Isamu (Sugiisami) special pure rice dry + 10 undiluted sake 1800ml

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[Sugiyuu Special Pure Rice Dry + 10 Genshu]

A dry pure rice sake that combines strength and gentleness!

When you think of raw sake with a sake meter value of +10 , many people probably imagine a strong, dry taste.
However, this sake is a dry Junmai sake with a soft yet mild, crisp taste.

About Sugiyuu Warabioka Brewery
A sake brewery at the foot of Mt. Chokai, where a kettle chimney stands out of nowhere in a small village on the border between Yamagata and Akita prefectures.
All of the sake is handmade and of high quality, but most of it is a hidden local sake that is only consumed locally.

Sugiyuu Special Junmai Dry + 10 Genshu Taste Graph

Category: Sake ( special pure rice sake )
Ingredients: Rice ( domestic ) , rice malt ( domestic )
Rice used: 100 % Miyamanishiki
Rice polishing ratio: 55 %
Sake Meter Value: +10
Acidity: 1.7
Yeast used: Yamagata yeast
Alcohol content: 17 %
Storage method: Cool and dark place
Manufacturer: Sugiyuu Warabioka Brewery ( Yamagata Prefecture )

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