Suigei Liqueur Kaju 39 720ml

Suigei Liqueur Kaju 39 720ml
Suigei Liqueur Kaju 39 720ml
Suigei Liqueur Kaju 39 720ml
Suigei Liqueur Kaju 39 720ml

Suigei Liqueur Kaju 39 720ml

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[Suigei Liqueur Kaju 39 ]

Contains 39 % fruit juice! Delicious bursting with fruit flavor.

This citrus liqueur is made by Suigei Sake Brewery , a sake brewery in Kochi Prefecture, which is famous as the citrus kingdom .
It uses juice from the fruit "Yuzu", "Konatsu" and "Naoshichi ( a type of sudachi ) " that are local products of Kochi Prefecture, as well as Suigei sake. The fruit juice content is a luxurious 39 %!!

By blending three types of fruit juice, you can enjoy a refreshing aroma, an exquisite sweet and sour taste that bursts in your mouth, and a juicy flavor that combines the aroma of the fruit juice with the umami of the sake.

Kochi Prefecture is a major producer of citrus fruits, and not only boasts the highest production volume of yuzu in the country , but also cultivates a wide variety of citrus fruits according to the season and region.
Suigei Kaju 39 is a luxurious citrus liqueur made using three carefully selected local citrus fruits .

Category: Liqueur
Ingredients: Yuzu juice ( from Kochi Prefecture ) , Konatsu juice, Naoshichi juice, Sake, Brewer's alcohol, High fructose glucose liquid sugar
Alcohol content: 9 %
Manufacturer: Suigei Brewery ( Kochi Prefecture )

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