Takeda Winery Petian Blanc 2019 750ml [Cool delivery required]

Takeda Winery Petian Blanc 2019 750ml [Cool delivery required]

Takeda Winery Petian Blanc 2019 750ml [Cool delivery required]

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※ この商品の特性上、輸送時のトラブル(液漏れ等)を避けるためクール便のご利用が必須となります。クール便を選択頂かずにご注文を承った際には、クール便料金(550円)をご請求致します。予めご了承ください。

  • From the viewpoint of environmental conservation, we use recycled cardboard for packing materials. (excluding gift wrapping)
  • The product image is the one at the time of shooting. Please refer to the product description column for specifications etc.

※be careful※
Due to the foaming nature of this product, it is necessary to use cool delivery.
Upon arrival, be sure to store in the refrigerator and be careful of the liquid level when opening.
As this is a special product, we cannot accept gift wrapping.
Please note that our store is not responsible for any spills.

[Takeda Winery Petian Blanc 2019]

Slightly sparkling wine filled with Yamagata fruits

It is a slightly sparkling wine (Petian) made by secondary fermentation in the bottle.
2019 Harvest Made using 100% Delaware seeds from Yamagata Prefecture.
A bottle full of fruits from Yamagata, with a refreshing mouthfeel and an apple-like aroma, a Japanese pear-like flavor, and a persimmon-like sweetness.

A solid taste of blue citrus, passion fruit, pineapple, and a gentle sweet aroma like acacia honey when opened.
Because it contains lees, the flavor changes as the season progresses.

◆Spec Category: Petian (white)/Dry Variety used: 100% Delaware from Yamagata Prefecture
Size: 750ml
Manufacturer: Takeda Winery Production area: Kaminoyama City, Yamagata Prefecture

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