Tatsuriki special pure rice raw moto preparation special A Yamada Nishiki 1800ml

龍力 特別純米 生酛仕込み 特A山田錦の全体像
龍力 特別純米 生酛仕込み 特A山田錦のラベル
龍力 特別純米 生酛仕込み 特A山田錦のラベル左側面
龍力 特別純米 生酛仕込み 特A山田錦のラベル右側面
龍力 特別純米 生酛仕込み 特A山田錦の首掛けラベル
龍力 特別純米 生酛仕込み 特A山田錦のサブラベル
龍力 特別純米 生酛仕込み 特A山田錦の裏ラベル

Tatsuriki special pure rice raw moto preparation special A Yamada Nishiki 1800ml

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[Tatsuriki special pure rice kimoto preparation special A Yamada Nishiki]

Nikkei Plus 1 “Anything ranking” No. 1 recommended sake for hot sake

A special junmai sake brewed using traditional kimoto-zukuri using the finest Yamada Nishiki rice.
It is a rich and satisfying taste that envelops the rich texture and the taste of rice with acidity.
Room temperature ~ hot sake is recommended!

Excerpt from Honda Shoten official website
Tatsuriki's journey is a history of challenges.
Be the first to change all rice from <edible rice> to <rice suitable for sake brewing>
Be the first to start brewing 〈Daiginjo〉
We have created new values ​​for Japanese sake.
In particular, "Hyogo Prefecture Special A Yamada Nishiki" is the first in Japan to contract cultivation with an expert farmer and research on terroir.
Of course, the Yamada Nishiki we use is of the highest quality of the first grade or higher.
Tatsuriki's business philosophy is "Rice sake tastes like rice."
We will continue to take on challenges in a land blessed with the clear underground water of the Ibo River and the best Yamada Nishiki in Japan.

Tatsuriki Special Junmai Kimoto Preparation Special A Yamada Nishiki Taste Graph

Category: Sake ( special pure rice sake )
Ingredients: Rice ( domestic ) , rice malt ( domestic )
Rice used: Hyogo Prefecture special A district Yamada Nishiki
Rice polishing ratio: 65 %
Sake degree: +1
Acidity: 1.8
Alcohol content: 16 degrees
Storage method: cool and dark place
Manufacturer: Honda Shoten ( Hyogo Prefecture )

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