Celestial Early Dripping 1800ml

天星 早垂れの全体像

Celestial Early Dripping 1800ml

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[Tensei Hayatare]

Just being easy to drink is not enough! For those who

This sweet potato shochu is made by extracting the parts with the best balance of aroma and taste using a combination of Tensei Sake Brewery's unique production method, ``Hadare Distillation'' and medium-vacuum distillation.

Hayatari Distillation is a distillation method developed by Tensei Sake Brewery after many years of research.
In pot distillation, the shochu that is distilled from mash is not uniform in alcohol content or taste from beginning to end.
In the early stages of distillation, the alcohol concentration is high and gives off a chemical-like aroma, and as the alcohol concentration gradually decreases, the aroma and taste become similar to potato shochu.
Also, in the second half of distillation, the shochu drips with a bitter and characteristic taste.

During this series of distillation processes, Tensei Shuzo refers to the process of extracting only the parts with good taste and aroma as Hayatare Distillation.
It is a luxurious distillation method that only extracts the good tasting parts, so only half of the normal amount can be produced in one distillation.

The exquisite balance between this fast-dipping distillation and medium-vacuum distillation, which distills at a slightly lower distillation pressure, allows you to feel the aroma of sweet potatoes in its lightness.

◆Specification Category: Potato Shochu Ingredients: Sweet potato (Golden Sengan), rice malt Koji: Black malt Distillation: Hayatari distillation, medium vacuum distillation Alcohol content: 25% Manufacturer: Tensei Sake Brewery (Kagoshima Prefecture)

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