Tensuiraku Kame Nekase 720ml/1800ml

Tensuiraku Kame Nekase 720ml/1800ml

Tensuiraku Kame Nekase 720ml/1800ml

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[Donsui-raku Kame-nekase]

Mellow and easy to drink, the origin of rich flavor

In response to requests from many liquor stores, Tensei Shuzo went through repeated trial and error to develop a high-quality sweet potato shochu that is easy to drink, gets you drunk comfortably, and is truly enjoyable.
Fresh sweet potatoes are brewed with black koji, distilled at normal pressure using a Suetari cut, and then left to mature slowly in earthenware pots in a stone storehouse that is closed off from sunlight and has little temperature difference between day and night, resulting in the creation of sweet potato shochu.

From brewing to diluting, we use Hishida's ultra-soft groundwater, pumped from 80 meters underground on the premises, to produce a light, flavorful shochu.

◆Specifications Category: Potato shochu Ingredients: Sweet potato (Kogane Senkan), rice malt Malt: Black malt Distillation: Atmospheric distillation Alcohol content: 25% Manufacturer: Tensei Shuzo (Kagoshima Prefecture)

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