[Exclusive box included] Togouchi whiskey 700ml

国産ウイスキー 戸河内ウイスキー 全体像
国産ウイスキー 戸河内ウイスキー ラベル
国産ウイスキー 戸河内ウイスキー 化粧箱
国産ウイスキー 戸河内ウイスキー 裏ラベル

[Exclusive box included] Togouchi whiskey 700ml

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[Togouchi Whiskey]

Japanese whiskey mania Featured gem

The remains of a tunnel that was originally excavated for railroad use is now used as the "Togouchi Storage Warehouse" for the aging of sake.

Grain whiskey with different characteristics ( genuine whiskey with soft sweetness, malt whiskey with rich minerals and grains ) and malt whiskey with moderate peat aroma and soft sweetness like vanilla and chocolate are blended.

The finish is a whiskey that has both complexity and strength in a light taste.
It has a sweet scent, but the scent of honey nut cornflakes envelops the whole, followed by a faint peat scent.
It has a light and gentle taste, and the sweet aroma of grains and honey makes it more mellow, and the faint peat aroma tightens the aftertaste.

Ingredients: malt, grain
Alcohol content: 40 degrees
Size: 700ml
Aging years: ー
Manufacturer: Sakurao B&D (Hiroshima Prefecture)
Production area: Hiroshima Prefecture

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