Tomekichi's Hidden Soy Sauce 1800ml

醤油 留吉の隠し醤油 全体像
醤油 留吉の隠し醤油 ラベル
醤油 留吉の隠し醤油 左サイド
醤油 留吉の隠し醤油 右サイド

Tomekichi's Hidden Soy Sauce 1800ml

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[Tomeyoshi's hidden soy sauce]

A soy sauce that is not normally available and was shipped to high-end restaurants! ?

In fact, Inoue Soy Sauce had been secretly selling soy sauce that was carefully brewed in small batches to several restaurants that were particular about local flavors.
Many people who heard the rumor flooded in with inquiries about using it.
However, due to the small amount of preparation, we were unable to meet their requests...

In order to respond to the requests of such people, we have increased the amount of preparation by a small amount and will be able to release it from the warehouse as a limited edition item, and we will also have a limited quantity in stock at our store!
Kanto-style, slightly dry and strong flavor. The color is glossy and you can feel the spirit of Kanto soy sauce.

* Please store away from direct sunlight.
* The bottom of the oil paper on the exterior can easily come off, so please be careful when lifting it.

Category: Seasonings / Koikuchi soy sauce ( honjozo )
Ingredients: Defatted processed soybeans ( not genetically modified ) , wheat, salt / alcohol
Manufacturer: Inoue Soy Sauce Co., Ltd.
Production area: Kanagawa prefecture

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