Ugonotsuki Daiginjo Gekko 720ml/1800ml

雨後の月 大吟醸 月光の全体像
雨後の月 大吟醸 月光のラベル
雨後の月 大吟醸 月光のサブラベル
雨後の月 大吟醸 月光のラベル右側面
雨後の月 大吟醸 月光の裏ラベル
雨後の月 大吟醸 月光の上部
雨後の月 大吟醸 月光の四号瓶

Ugonotsuki Daiginjo Gekko 720ml/1800ml

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[moon after rain Daiginjo moonlight】

It is a special sake among the " moon after the rain " that attracts people with its deliciousness.

It is a daiginjo that I would like to recommend to a wide range of people, regardless of the drinker.
A fruity scent and a clean, transparent taste that makes you feel fresh.

While feeling a pleasant mellowness, it has a good balance of acidity and sweetness, and you can enjoy it with meals with a sharp sharpness like the moon after the rain.

From Aihara Sake Brewery official website
・Foundation and progress
Founded in 1875. By 1875, it had 1,700 koku, making it one of the top three koku breweries in the prefecture .
A major change occurred in 1988 when Junichiro Aihara became the company's representative.
I want to make delicious sake that I can drink myself, and I am thoroughly committed to "quality first".
・Origin of "moon after the rain"
The brewery's representative sake, "Moon after the Rain," was named by the second generation, Itaru Aihara, after the short story titled "Nature and Life," an essay by novelist Roka Tokutomi, published in 1900 .
"In the sky after the rain, the brightly shining moon shines brightly around." It is the name that brewers always aim for to brew such a clear and beautiful sake.

Taste graph of Daiginjo Gekko after the rain

Category: Sake ( Daiginjo sake )
Ingredients: Rice ( domestic ) , rice malt ( domestic ) , brewed alcohol
Rice used: Yamadanishiki 100 %
Rice polishing ratio: Koji ) 35 %, Kake ) 40 %
Sake degree: +4.0
Acidity: 1.2
Alcohol content: 16 degrees
Storage method: cool and dark place
Manufacturer: Aihara Sake Brewery ( Hiroshima Prefecture )

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