Ryozeki Ura Setsugekka 35 Junmai Daiginjo Bottle pasteurization once 720ml/1800ml

両関(りょうぜき) 裏雪月花35 純米大吟醸 瓶火入れ一回の全体像
両関(りょうぜき) 裏雪月花35 純米大吟醸 瓶火入れ一回のラベル
両関(りょうぜき) 裏雪月花35 純米大吟醸 瓶火入れ一回のラベル左側面
両関(りょうぜき) 裏雪月花35 純米大吟醸 瓶火入れ一回のラベル右側面
両関(りょうぜき) 裏雪月花35 純米大吟醸 瓶火入れ一回の上部
両関(りょうぜき) 裏雪月花35 純米大吟醸 瓶火入れ一回の四号瓶

Ryozeki Ura Setsugekka 35 Junmai Daiginjo Bottle pasteurization once 720ml/1800ml

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[Ryoseki Ura Setsugetsuka 35 Junmai Daiginjo bottle pasteurization once ]

The back version of the super popular storehouse and the back brand!

Junmai Daiginjo ( bottle pasteurization once ) , which is the highest spec Yamada Nishiki in the Setsugekka series, has been polished to 35 % and released as Ura Setsugekka with limited sales outlets!
Please enjoy the deep flavor and the well-balanced gorgeous taste.

・ Excerpt from the official website of Ryoseki Sake Brewery
Toji and craftsmanship
Since its founding, Ryoseki has been nurturing them in-house, and that tradition has been passed down to the present day.
Within this tradition, Ryoseki has developed its own "Long-Term Low-Temperature Fermentation".
We have contributed to the improvement of sake brewing in the Tohoku region by making this technology available to each brewery rather than limiting it to our own company.
* What is long-term low-temperature fermentation?
Sake is made by fermentation of yeast.
If the temperature is high, the activity of the yeast fungi becomes active, resulting in rapid fermentation.
If the temperature is low, the activity of the yeast is slowed down, resulting in slow fermentation.
If the fermentation is too rapid, the sake will have a rough taste.
Fermentation is slow and it has a fine taste.
Low-temperature long-term fermentation is a sake brewing method that uses the cold climate of snow country to ferment slowly and quietly.

◆ Spec Category: Japanese Sake (Junmai Daiginjo Sake)
Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)
Rice used: Yamada Nishiki Rice polishing ratio: 35%
Japanese sake degree: -0.6
Acidity: 1.5
Alcohol content: 16 degrees Storage method: Refrigeration required Manufacturer: Ryoseki Sake Brewery (Akita Prefecture)

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