[With cosmetic box] Yamazakura Precious Blended Whiskey 700ml

山桜(やまざくら) プレシャス ブレンデッドウイスキーの全体像
山桜(やまざくら) プレシャス ブレンデッドウイスキーのラベル
山桜(やまざくら) プレシャス ブレンデッドウイスキーのラベル左側面
山桜(やまざくら) プレシャス ブレンデッドウイスキーのラベル右側面
山桜(やまざくら) プレシャス ブレンデッドウイスキーの裏ラベル
山桜(やまざくら) プレシャス ブレンデッドウイスキーの化粧箱

[With cosmetic box] Yamazakura Precious Blended Whiskey 700ml

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  • From the viewpoint of environmental conservation, we use recycled cardboard for packing materials. (excluding gift wrapping)
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[Yamazakura Precious Blended Whisky]

Limited edition whiskey bottled in only 3,000 bottles per month

A precious masterpiece that is a blend of carefully selected malt whiskey, including malt whiskey from Asaka Distillery, and high-quality grain whiskey.
Unlike the traditional Yamazakura Black Label, the malt content has been increased to create a sweeter, more malty flavor.

It has a refreshing citrus flavor, rich sweetness, and a short but elegant aftertaste.
The robust maltiness from the casks and the elegant sweetness reminiscent of honey are well balanced, allowing you to enjoy the deep flavor and pleasant lingering aftertaste.

◆Specifications Ingredients: Malt (made in the UK and Japan), Grain (made in the UK)
Alcohol content: 46% Size: 700ml
Age: -
Manufacturer: Sasanokawa Brewery (Asaka Distillery)
Produced in: Fukushima Prefecture

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