[With cosmetic box] Yamazakura Precious Blended Whiskey 700ml

山桜(やまざくら) プレシャス ブレンデッドウイスキーの全体像
山桜(やまざくら) プレシャス ブレンデッドウイスキーのラベル
山桜(やまざくら) プレシャス ブレンデッドウイスキーのラベル左側面
山桜(やまざくら) プレシャス ブレンデッドウイスキーのラベル右側面
山桜(やまざくら) プレシャス ブレンデッドウイスキーの裏ラベル
山桜(やまざくら) プレシャス ブレンデッドウイスキーの化粧箱

[With cosmetic box] Yamazakura Precious Blended Whiskey 700ml

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  • From the viewpoint of environmental conservation, we use recycled cardboard for packing materials. (excluding gift wrapping)
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[Yamazakura Precious Blended Whiskey]

Limited whiskey bottled only 3000 bottles per month

A precious gem that blends carefully selected malt whiskey, including Azumi Distillery's unblended whiskey, with high-quality grain whiskey.
Unlike the conventional Yamazakura Black Label, the use of malt has been increased to create a finish that stands out for its sweetness and barley.

It is characterized by the freshness of citrus, rich sweetness, and a short but gorgeous finish.
The solid maltiness derived from the barrel and the elegant sweetness that makes you feel honey are well-balanced, and you can enjoy the deep flavor and pleasant aftertaste.

◆ Spec Raw material name: malt (manufactured in England/domestic), grain (manufactured in England)
Alcohol content: 46 degrees Size: 700ml
Aging years:-
Manufacturer: Sasanokawa Sake Brewery (Asaka Distillery)
Production area: Fukushima Prefecture

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