Yanai Valley Fukuzo 1800ml

焼酎 柳井谷の福蔵 全体像

Yanai Valley Fukuzo 1800ml

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[Fukuzo in Yanai Valley]

Potato shochu with a rich sweetness and umami that is worth drinking

We use the best red sweet potatoes grown in a fertile land under the guidance of NPO Regional Renaissance Vice Chairman Shigenori Uda, Ph.D., who worked on improving the land under the guidance of Mr. Fukuzo Shinji, an experienced producer . Masu.

Please enjoy authentic sweet potato shochu, which can be said to be the culture of Southern Kyushu, with a rich and delicious flavor created by the sweet and fluffy red sweet potato and black koji.

・From the official website of Jukai Sake Brewery
Potatoes, water, koji, sake brewers, and time. The taste created by the five powers
Jukai Shuzo was founded in 1985 ( Showa 60 ) . Five shochu breweries, each with a history of over 100 years , were united and established.
Since 2010 , we have changed our organization to a stock company, and we will continue to deliver authentic shochu that can be said to be the culture of Southern Kyushu with the precious spirit of the brewery that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Category: potato shochu
Ingredients: sweet potato ( beni satsuma from Kagoshima Prefecture ) , rice koji ( rice from Thailand )
Koji: Black Koji
Distillation: Atmospheric distillation
Alcohol content: 25 degrees
Manufacturer: Jukai Sake Brewery ( Miyazaki Prefecture )

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