Yasuda 720ml/1800ml

Yasuda 720ml/1800ml

Yasuda 720ml/1800ml

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A limited edition product named after the modern master brewer, Yasuda Toji

It is made 100 % from " Tsurumugenji, " one of the few native sweet potato varieties discovered in 1907 .
You'll be surprised by the fruity aroma reminiscent of lychee and muscat and the refreshing sweetness.

The name " Yasuda " comes from the surname of the master brewer, Yasuda Nobuhisa, who became the master brewer at Kokubu Shuzo in 1992 , as this shochu was the culmination of his career as a master brewer .

The " Tsumamuga Genji " variety we use is one of the few native varieties discovered in 1907 .
This is a very sweet and delicious sweet potato, and was produced in considerable quantities in Kagoshima Prefecture from the Taisho era through the beginning of the Showa era.
However, after World War II, it was replaced by other potatoes that had higher yields at the time, and after 1965 , there was no record of it being harvested in Kagoshima Prefecture. However, thanks to the efforts of Kokubu Sake Brewery and other farmers, it has been revived as a valuable potato.

We also recommend drinking it on the rocks or with soda.

Category: Sweet potato shochu
Ingredients: Potato koji (Tsurumugenji from Kagoshima Prefecture), sweet potato (Tsurumugenji from Kagoshima Prefecture )
Koji: Black Koji
Distillation: Atmospheric distillation
Alcohol content: 26 %
Manufacturer: Kokubu Shuzo ( Kagoshima Prefecture )

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