Yuho x Takahata Winery FUSION 2022 "Vitality" 720ml

遊穂×高畠ワイナリー FUSION 2022 "Vitality"の全体像
遊穂×高畠ワイナリー FUSION 2022 "Vitality"のラベル
遊穂×高畠ワイナリー FUSION 2022 "Vitality"のラベル左側面
遊穂×高畠ワイナリー FUSION 2022 "Vitality"のラベル右側面
遊穂×高畠ワイナリー FUSION 2022 "Vitality"の裏ラベル
遊穂×高畠ワイナリー FUSION 2022 "Vitality"の上部

Yuho x Takahata Winery FUSION 2022 "Vitality" 720ml

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[Yuho x Takahata Winery FUSION 2022 “Vitality”]

After all, Yuho fits the barrel! You can enjoy it richly like western liquor.

The wine barrels that were used to age the red wine (Muscat Bailey A used) at Takahata Winery in Yamagata Prefecture were sent to Miso Brewery, which brews the famous sake "Yuho" in Ishikawa Prefecture, and were aged for 134 days with sake. Masu.

The moment you pour it into a glass, it has a fascinating scent that reminds you of Western liquor.
You can feel the elegant scent of white flowers and apple nectar, and the crisp acidity from the scent.
Vanilla incense derived from oak barrels matches well there.

It has a plump and thick mouthfeel and a firm, chewy umami.
You can feel the high-quality Japanese sweetness like Wasanbon.
It is a gem that you would like to enjoy slowly at room temperature, like brandy, little by little.

Spec Category: Sake Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)
Rice used: Koji) Yamada Nishiki, Kake) Miyama Nishiki Rice polishing ratio: 55%
Sake degree: +6
Acidity: 1.9
Alcohol content: 18 degrees Storage method: Cool and dark place Producer: Mio Shuzo (Ishikawa Prefecture)

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