Shima Yusen 20° 1800ml

奄美黒糖焼酎 島有泉 20°の全体像
奄美黒糖焼酎 島有泉 20°のラベル
奄美黒糖焼酎 島有泉 20°のラベル左側面
奄美黒糖焼酎 島有泉 20°のラベル右側面
奄美黒糖焼酎 島有泉 20°のサブラベル
奄美黒糖焼酎 島有泉 20°の上部

Shima Yusen 20° 1800ml

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[Shimaarizumi 20° ]

Brown sugar shochu with a refined sweetness

With an alcohol content of 20° , it is very easy to drink, refreshing and refreshing.

・From the back label
A gift from the South Island. From Yoron Island.
27th parallel north . Kagoshima Prefecture's southernmost land "Yoron Island ( Yunnu dialect ) ".
A small island in the south that is warm all year round, made by the upheaval of coral reefs, and is a purveyor for islanders!
Island shochu that is indispensable for yoron dedication!
That is Amami Island shochu “Shimaariizumi”.
A faint sweet aroma of brown sugar and a refreshing drink.
slowly, slowly···.
Please enjoy it in island time.

Category: Brown sugar shochu
Ingredients: brown sugar, rice malt ( Thai rice )
Koji: white koji
Distillation: Atmospheric distillation
Alcohol content: 20 degrees
Manufacturer: Arimura Sake Brewery ( Kagoshima Prefecture )

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