Zanpa White 720ml/1800ml

Zanpa White 720ml/1800ml

Zanpa White 720ml/1800ml

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[Zanpa White]

Zanshiro has many fans all over the country and is also very popular among women.

Zanpa White was born after developing a unique distillation device through trial and error based on the concept of creating awamori that is easy to drink even for women and people who are not used to drinking awamori.

Its fruity aroma and refreshing taste make it popular among women as well.
It is characterized by a clear taste with no bitterness.

Excerpt fromHiga Brewery official website
Zanpa's commitment
In Okinawa after the Pacific War, there was a shortage of supplies, and there was no end to the number of people who drank methyl alcohol and lost their light.The founder, Torakichi Higa, decided to start Higa Sake Brewery with the desire to ``provide good awamori to the people of Okinawa.'' Awamori making has begun.
The second generation, Ken Higa, inherited this idea . At the time of the izakaya boom, when awamori had a strong image of being a drink for men, the second generation, Ken Higa, wanted to make awamori that even women and people who don't like awamori could enjoy. After much trial and error, we completed our original distillation machine and created our current main products, ``Zanpa 25 Degrees ( White ) '' and ``Zanpa 30 Degrees ( Black ) .''

Category: Awamori
Ingredients: Rice koji ( Thai rice )
Koji: black koji
Distillation: atmospheric distillation
Alcohol content: 25 degrees
Manufacturer: Higa Sake Brewery ( Okinawa Prefecture )

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