Zuisen Seiryu 3 year old sake 720ml

Zuisen Seiryu 3 year old sake 720ml

Zuisen Seiryu 3 year old sake 720ml

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[Zuisen Seiryu 3 year old sake]

Awamori Appraisal “Prefectural Governor Award Winning Sake”

This is Awamori aged sake that is made from aged sake that is over 3 years old.
With an alcohol content of 30 %, it's easy to drink on the rocks, and when you put it in your mouth, you'll experience the unique mellow sweetness that only old sake can have.

・Excerpt from Zuisen Sake Brewery official website
Zuisen Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1887 .
Long ago, in order to maintain high quality, the Ryukyu Kingdom allowed the brewing of awamori only in the three castle towns of Shuri, Sakiyama, Akada, and Tochibori, and kept it under strict control to maintain the traditional taste. has continued to protect.
There used to be a spring that gushed out midway up the stairs to the second part of the castle grounds, and its official name is ``Zuisen.'' The water comes out from the gutter, which is shaped like a gutter, so it is commonly called a gutter.
The water that flows from the spring is pure and clear, and it seems that several monuments praising the spring were erected around it. We named our brand `` Zuisen' ' after this spring, aiming to produce sake as clear and mellow as this pure spring, and hoping that the traditional awamori brewing process would further develop and be passed down from generation to generation . It is said.

Category: Awamori
Ingredients: Rice koji ( Thai rice )
Koji: black koji
Distillation: atmospheric distillation
Alcohol content: 30 degrees
Manufacturer: Zuisen Sake Brewery ( Okinawa Prefecture )

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