[Sake] Impressions of drinking "Amabuki Airabushi Chutoro"

by IsobeYamato

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Hello, this is Yamato Isobe from Isobe Liquor Store!

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Here is the reason for writing the tasting article

The second is “Amabuki Airabushi Chutoro”, which is brewed by Amabuki Sake Brewery in Saga Prefecture.

The whole picture of Amabuki Airabusushi Nakatoro

This uniquely designed label!
And the naming sense that surpasses it!

i like sushi...

...What do you mean? ?

I was too worried about all the elements, so I actually drank it!

Tasting of "Amabuki Airabusushi Chutoro"

Tasting scenery of "Amabuki Airabusushi Chutoro"

It's hard to tell from the photo, but it has a slightly golden color tone.

The scent is subdued yet reminiscent of a fresh melon.
A mature incense that is faintly fragrant in the back.

*According to my research, it is said that this unpasteurized sake (sake that has not been pasteurized) is aged for about half a year under the ice temperature control of minus 5 degrees.

When you put it in your mouth, it has a relaxing mouthfeel derived from aging.
Still, it has a refreshing taste in contrast to the mouthfeel.
From the middle stage, there is a sharpness like sake +9, and the acidity that stimulates the tongue spreads.
Afterwards, the umami of rice gently envelops your tongue.

Best paired with autumn flavors, especially oily fish!


At first, I jumped out of curiosity, but I'm sorry.

Super authentic.

Moreover, as the name suggests, it works best when paired with fatty sushi such as chutoro.

Everyone, please try to accompany the taste of autumn!

[I would like to recommend it to such people! ]

  • Those who are looking for sake to accompany the taste of autumn
  • Those who like spicy food
  • People attracted to this label

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