[Sake] Impressions of drinking Tamagawa Junmai Ginjo Mya 2

by IsobeYamato

Tamagawa Junmai Ginjo Mya 2 main catch image

Hello, this is Yamato Isobe from Isobe Liquor Store!

When I run a liquor store, I receive many samples every day.
A blog that introduces sake that I thought was really delicious!

Here is the reason for writing the tasting article

The product to introduce this time is “Tamagawa Junmai Ginjo Mya 2” brewed by Kinoshita Sake Brewery (Kyoto Prefecture).

Full image of Tamagawa Junmai Ginjo Mya 2

The signboard cat "Mya" is very active as a beckoning cat at Kinoshita Sake Brewery's store.
It looks like it's going to be a Japanese sake with daily gratitude!

Actually, as the product name says 2, this product is the second version of "Mya".
The first edition is so popular that it sells out immediately.

For some reason, Japanese sake fans tend to like cats.

My big cat lover.
And since I am a big fan of Tamagawa, I tried tasting it while feeling the ultimate happiness!

Tasting of "Tamagawa Junmai Ginjo Mya 2"

Tasting scenery of "Tamagawa Junmai Ginjo Mya 2" cold version

・Start with cold sake (about 7 degrees)
The scent is slightly understated. You can feel the moderate aroma of rice and the nuances of ripe bananas in it.
In contrast to Tamagawa, which is characterized by a full-bodied taste, it has a slightly lighter finish like the cute label of "Mya".
Cold sake is also delicious, but I have a hikaru hikaru hikaru hikaru premonition that this is better to raise the temperature range.

・Normal temperature (about 20 degrees)
This one!
Plump and charming rice flavor. I feel the nuances like freshly cooked rice.
And the umami continues to swell from the middle stage. I'm chasing you.
I wonder what will happen if the temperature is increased further.

Tamagawa Junmai Ginjo Mya 2 Tasting Scene Hot Sake Version

・ Hot sake (about 60 degrees)
The true value of Tamagawa is hot sake!
This time's "Mya" is relatively light and I know it's not suitable for hot sake, but as a Tamagawa fan, I can't help but try it.

As the temperature rose, the umami and sweetness of rice, which had been emphasized at room temperature, became rounder and gentler.
This is not so bad!


Like the "Mya" label, it has a gentle taste, but still retains the flavor of Tamagawa!
Personally, I liked room temperature to human skin temperature (about 20 to 35 degrees).

I think that the preferred temperature range varies depending on the person, so it is recommended to enjoy cold sake while gradually changing the temperature.

Drinking sake while being overwhelmed by Mya's cuteness is just the best! !

[I would like to recommend it to such people! ]

  • Those who want to fully enjoy the umami of rice
  • Those who drink Tamagawa for the first time
  • Those who like cats, those who sympathize with Mya's cuteness

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