Nagakumo Ichibanbashi 720ml/1800ml

Nagakumo Ichibanbashi 720ml/1800ml

Nagakumo Ichibanbashi 720ml/1800ml

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[Nagamo Ichibanbashi]

A masterpiece filled with the charm of brown sugar

Nagamo Ichibanbashi is brewed with brown sugar that has been slowly melted over a period of time to preserve the aroma, thereby trapping the maximum flavor of brown sugar in the shochu.

Amami Nagagumo, a regular product, is a brown sugar shochu with a rich aroma, but Ichibanbashi has a rich aroma reminiscent of brown sugar and brown sugar syrup.
It has a rich and mellow mouthfeel, a powerful yet gentle flavor and richness, and a gorgeous and pleasant lingering finish.
This is a masterpiece packed with the charm of brown sugar.

◆Specification Category: Brown sugar shochu Ingredients: Brown sugar (domestic production), Koji rice (Thai rice)
Koji: White koji Distillation: Normal pressure distillation Alcohol content: 30% Manufacturer: Yamada Sake Brewery (Kagoshima Prefecture)

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