Azumatsuru Winter Preparation Origarami Raw 720ml/1800ml [Cool delivery recommended]

東鶴(あずまつる) 冬支度 おりがらみ生の全体像
東鶴(あずまつる) 冬支度 おりがらみ生のラベル
東鶴(あずまつる) 冬支度 おりがらみ生の裏ラベル
東鶴(あずまつる) 冬支度 おりがらみ生の上部

Azumatsuru Winter Preparation Origarami Raw 720ml/1800ml [Cool delivery recommended]

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[Totsuru Winter Preparation Origami Raw]

Fresh Junmaishu made by quickly bottling freshly squeezed sake

A fresh, gassy feel typical of new sake and a youthful, juicy sweetness.
The balance of sweetness and sourness is exquisite!

From Totsuru Sake Brewery official website
Founded in the late Edo period.
In the rich area surrounded by mountains in Taku City, Saga Prefecture, we have been producing sake that is loved by the locals for generations. The brewery closed down in 1989, but in 2009 , the brewer himself became the chief brewer, and now his family is running the business and working hard every day to make sake.
The water used for sake brewing is high-quality soft water that flows from the mountains of Taku and has a soft and refreshing taste. For the preparation process, we use both old tools that were hidden in the storehouse and modern tools.
By valuing family ties and sublimating the thoughts of our predecessors, we will continue to create ``sake that shows the face of its creator.''

◆Spec Category: Sake (junmai sake)
Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic)
Rice used: Oyama Nishiki Rice polishing ratio: 60%
Sake level: -1
Acidity: 1.4
Yeast used: SAWA-1
Alcohol content: 16 degrees Storage method: Refrigeration required Manufacturer: Tokatsu Sake Brewery (Saga Prefecture)

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