Furusawa 720ml/1800ml

本格焼酎 古澤の全体像
本格焼酎 古澤のラベル
本格焼酎 古澤のラベル左側面
本格焼酎 古澤のラベル右側面
本格焼酎 古澤の裏ラベル
本格焼酎 古澤の上部
本格焼酎 古澤の720ml瓶

Furusawa 720ml/1800ml

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The highest grade barley shochu from Furusawa Jozo, which continues to preserve the tradition of hand-made crafts.

Aged for two years in a jar, it has a unique deep flavor that rolls on your tongue.
It is characterized by the aroma of barley and a smooth drinking experience.

・About Furusawa Jozo
Founded in 1892 . _ _ _
With the only clay brewery in Miyagi prefecture, the use of koji lids in the koji room, and traditional jar preparation and jar storage, we continue to preserve the handmade flavor that lives up to the climate and natural features.
The earthenware storehouse acts as an insulator, blocking the hot sun and keeping the temperature within the warehouse constant, and has a variety of positive effects, such as fermenting the moromi and aging the distilled shochu.

Category: Barley shochu
Ingredients: Barley ( from Australia ) , barley malt
Koji: white koji
Distillation: atmospheric distillation
Alcohol content: 25 %
Manufacturer: Furusawa Jozo ( Miyazaki Prefecture )

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