Yachiyoden Yellow Camellia 1800ml

八千代伝(やちよでん) 黄色い椿の全体像
八千代伝(やちよでん) 黄色い椿のラベル
八千代伝(やちよでん) 黄色い椿のラベル左側面
八千代伝(やちよでん) 黄色い椿のラベル右側面
八千代伝(やちよでん) 黄色い椿の裏ラベル
八千代伝(やちよでん) 黄色い椿の化粧箱

Yachiyoden Yellow Camellia 1800ml

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[Yachiyoden yellow camellia]

Yachiyoden Sake Brewery's spring limited edition sweet potato shochu

Made with Anno sweet potatoes and yellow koji from Tanegashima.
A fruity and elegant aroma unique to yellow koji and a rich sweetness derived from Anno sweet potato.
It has a rich yet refreshing taste.

・From the back label
``I was looking for yellow camellias in Guangxi, where the gunshots stopped and summer grass grew.''
His predecessor, who participated in the war in China as a student, was a strong pacifist.
One of his predecessor's collections of tanka poems includes ``The sound of gunfire stops, the summer grass grows, and I'm looking for yellow camellias in Guangxi.''
It is said that the previous generation, who survived the end of the war, searched for yellow camellias.
After experiencing fierce battles, this flower became a symbol of peace for our ancestors and a return to kindness and compassion towards others.
Among the previous generations, the ``yellow camellia'' was also a symbol of peace.

Wishing for peace in the world and happiness for all people,
The shochu made from Anno sweet potatoes from Tanegashima with yellow koji was named ``Yellow Tsubaki.''
As time passes by while preparing shochu,
Every spring, I would like to put all my heart and soul into producing a shochu that is worthy of being called ``yellow camellia.''
May the ``yellow camellia'' become a proof of peace and well-being in the world.

Category: Potato shochu
Ingredients: Sweet potato ( Anno potato from Tanegashima ) , rice malt
Koji: yellow koji
Distillation: atmospheric distillation
Alcohol content: 25 %
Manufacturer: Yachiyoden Sake Brewery ( Kagoshima Prefecture )

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