Kizan soba barrel aging 720ml/1800ml

蕎麦焼酎 帰山 樽熟成の全体像

Kizan soba barrel aging 720ml/1800ml

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Soba shochu made with yellow koji and ginjo yeast is aged in oak barrels.

Shochu made with yellow koji is further aged in oak barrels.
It has a rich flavor with a unique mellowness.

* There may be some sediment, but this is unique to barrel aging.
There is no problem with the quality.

From the official website of Chikuma Nishiki Brewery
Saku City, where the sake brewery is located, is located on a plateau called Sakudaira, which is 700 meters above sea level. The Asama mountain range to the north, the Yatsugatake mountain range to the south, and in the middle of them runs the longest river in Japan, the Chikuma River (entering Niigata Prefecture and changing its name to the Shinano River). Surrounded by such great nature, it is brewed during the extremely cold season (in the middle of winter, the temperature can drop to -10 degrees Celsius early in the morning).
There are four wells in total : two shallow wells ( 13m ) and two deep wells ( 60m ) . These four wells are used differently to obtain water with a moderate amount of minerals and low iron content.

Category: Soba shochu
Ingredients: Soba/rice ( produced in Nagano prefecture ) , rice malt ( rice produced in Nagano prefecture )
Koji: yellow koji
Distillation: vacuum distillation
Alcohol content: 35 degrees
Manufacturer: Chikuma Nishiki Sake Brewery ( Nagano Prefecture )

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