Ten no Kokuin Sakura Ranbu 720ml/1800ml

天の刻印(てんのこくいん) 桜花乱舞の全体像

Ten no Kokuin Sakura Ranbu 720ml/1800ml

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[The Seal of Heaven: Cherry Blossoms in Profusion]

Spring limited edition. Cherry blossoms fluttering about, the seal of heaven

It is brewed in traditional handmade earthenware jars using K-type koji mold, which gives it a sweet aroma and flavor.
The flavor of the rice koji brings out the ginjo aroma and creates a beautiful umami flavor.

Distilled under reduced pressure, it has a clean, crisp taste and a light aftertaste.

We recommend drinking it on the rocks, with water, or with soda.

○Excerpt from the Sato Shochu Distillery Official Website Our new brewery has been given the wonderful canvas of the Iwaiko River and the rich natural environment of its basin. It speaks to us about the making of delicious shochu and allows us to feel the important "spirit of craftsmanship." In other words, it is a museum of creativity that is the shochu brewery.
Nature and the local area, people and the spirit of craftsmanship, and an artistic space. We will show you how everything works together beautifully in the shochu making process.

Our brewery will continue to improve its functions, but we have no intention of straying from our location near the pure waters of the Iwaiko River, just as we have in the past.
This is a region where the rich nature that surrounds the shochu brewery feels like an art museum in itself.

◆Specifications Category: Barley shochu Ingredients: Barley (domestic), barley malt Malt: White malt Distillation: Reduced pressure distillation Alcohol content: 25% Manufacturer: Sato Shochu Factory (Miyazaki Prefecture)

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