Ten no Kokuin Landing in Antarctica 720ml/1800ml

天の刻印(てんのこくいん) 南極上陸の全体像

Ten no Kokuin Landing in Antarctica 720ml/1800ml

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[Heavenly Stamp Landing in Antarctica]

Delicious even in extremely cold environments

In January 2020, "Heaven's Mark" landed in Antarctica with the 61st Antarctic Regional Expedition (National Institute of Polar Research).
Based on the concept of "deliciousness that does not change even in extremely cold environments", we have completed an authentic summer shochu that is fragrant and sharp with a subzero filtration finish, and is perfect for soda!

Made with two-rowed barley from Nobeoka, Miyazaki Prefecture, and gorgeous K-type white koji rice malt.
The original sake is cooled to minus 10 degrees and filtered.

Pour into a glass full of ice and enjoy on the rocks or with soda.

Excerpt from Sato Shochu Factory official website
Our new storehouse has been given a wonderful canvas of the rich natural environment of the Shukuko River and its basin. In other words, it is a museum of creativity called a shochu brewery, where you can talk about making delicious shochu and feel the important "manufacturing spirit".
Nature and region, people and craftsmanship, and space for art. We will show you how to make shochu in which everything is integrated and works beautifully.

We will continue to improve the functionality of our brewery, but we will never leave the clear stream of the Shukuko River.
From this area where you can feel that the rich nature that surrounds the shochu brewery itself is an art museum.

Spec Category: Barley Shochu Ingredients: Nijo Barley (Haruka Nijo), Barley Koji: White Koji Alcohol Content: 20% Producer: Sato Shochu Factory (Miyazaki Prefecture)

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